Using the ICM Software

In addition to the Incoming Call Pop-up, Internet Call Manager also has a main window (referred to as the ICM Main Window).  It is used to configure and customize your ICM software.  Typically, you only see this as an icon in your Windows System Tray, located on your Windows Taskbar, near the time display:

It can be opened to display the ICM Main Window.

For information on ways to open this window refer to Opening the ICM Main Window.

This window provides additional ICM functionality. It lets you:

tell ICM how you connect to the Internet;

set-up automatic call-handling actions;

enter your transfer phone numbers;

provide nicknames for common callers;

mute the ringing sound accompanying Incoming Call Pop-up Windows;

check a log of calls received while you were on the Internet; and

provide other basic set-up information.

Many of these topics are covered in  ICM Setup Window.